Friday, September 7, 2012

FALL into A Thyme and A Place!

Stop in to see all of our new
Fall Decor!
We have stocked up on all new Fall decor in and outdoor pieces, heres a sneak peak!

We found a varitey of unigue light up canvas pictures.
The candle canvas on the table lites up, each light up canvas has a switch on the side to turn on and off!
Real neat pieces!
Beautiful dried flower wreaths!
Burlap Light up bags. There are large glass jars inside the  burlap sack which plug in to light up!

Large Wooden Pumpkin Boxes, these also plug in to light up!

 We also picked up an assorment of differnt furniture. Dry-sinks, corner hutches, three tear hutches, tables and much more!
We have stocked up on a variety of candles from Cheerful giver!
There is much more to see, be sure to stop in and check everything out!!